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Bay City Conventions & Tours has a wide variety of tours available that span the Gulf Coast from the Florida panhandle west - to New Orleans, Louisiana.  Whether planning a military reunion, convention entertainment, or simply a school field trip, we're sure to have something to spark the imagination in everyone.

Full and half-day tours:


Welcome aboard!  This mighty WW battleship is the
city's shrine and one of the state's leading tourist attractions. The 35,000 ton USS Alabama with a crew of 2,500 earned nine battle stars. The warship and the USS Drum, a WWII submarine, are moored at the edge of Mobile Bay. The Drum is credited with sinking the seventh largest amount of enemy tonnage in WWII.

With a sense of pride and renewed patriotism walk the "footsteps" of the crew while touring the Captain's Cabin, Ward Room, Galley, Radio Room, and Sick Bay.

Tour the Aircraft Pavilion, with planes from every war displayed, including a Black Bird, plus pictures of the Alabama Medal of Honor recipients.  Dinner/luncheon available


A tour of the 19th century garden district creates a flavor that takes you back in time. There is a unique blend of architecture in the magnificent Antebellum homes of Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian styles. Many homes are embellished with delicate wrought iron. Streets of the garden district are framed with gigantic live oaks forming a beautiful canopy of trees.

For a blend of the city's history and culture we visit the City Museum. It contains exhibits reminiscient of the French, Spanish, and English rule over Mobile The Mardi Gras Museum displays lavish mantles and gowns worn by former queens of Mardi Gras. Highlighting the historic tour is a visit to one of our antebellum museum homes. Tea/lunch/or mint juleps are available.


Nowhere in the world is floral beauty more concentrated than in the internationally famous BELLINGRATH GARDENS. Located on the river front land once trod by French and Spanish Colonists this "Garden Spot of the South" is a floral wonderland. The flowers change seasonally; cascading chrysanthemums in the fall, banks of poinsettias at Christmastime, camellias in the winter and over 250,000 azaleas in the spring.

Located on the grounds is the home of Coca Cola magnate..WALTER D. BELLINGRATH. The home is fumished with antique fumiture in period settings, plus an outstanding collection of china and porcelain acquired by Mrs. Bellingrath. The world's most complete public display of porcelain sculptures of the late Edward Marshall Boehm is at the Gardens Museum. Lunch can be served in the Magnolia Restaurant.

Fowl River. Sit back and enjoy as the Captain gives you a delightful tour showcasing wildlife, lovely homes, native vegetation, Civil War history, and of course the beautiful flowers of Bellingrath. Evenings aboard the Southern Belle feature a three entree buffet and live music for listening or dancing. Lunch/Dinner available.

The National D-Day Museum highlights American team work,optimism, courage, and sacrifice of the men and women who won World War II. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Storm the beaches of Normandy, hear the voices of heroes, fly an allied glider into France. View an LCVP "Higgins Boat" This museum will bring back memories of those that served our country and act as a history lesson for those born after World War II.


Your tour departs for one of the most exclusive resort areas in the country. Along the rural Alabama countryside stands a beautiful work of religious art, Malbis Church and Plantation. The church, a replica of a Byzantine church in Athens, is a magnificent structure of ancient Greek architecture containing marble from the same quarry that provided stone for the Parthenon. Masterpieces of religious art make Malbis a treasure as well as a church.

An unusual and popular Eastern Shore stop is the Punta Clara Candy Kitchen. Located in a rambling 1897 Victorian Home, this candy kitchen has been operated by the decendants of the original owners for nearly 50 years. The all natural candy is made from original recipes and sold all over the world. It is indescribably delicious.

We can visit the Story Book Guest Castle. This is a one of a kind home, built by an artist in 1940's out of left over
building materials.  Very unusual.

We can also have lunch and an short program at the Farihope Art Gallery.


You will drive along the Alabama countryside on your way to Dauphin Island, where the French landed in 1699 and claimed the area for France. They called it "Massacre Island" for the mysterious pile of human bones they discovered there. The name was soon changed to honor the King's son, the Dauphin of France. Tour historic Fort Gaines, built in 1821. Walk the ramparts and view the site of the famous Battle of Mobile Bay, where Admiral Farragut said, "DAMN THE TORPEDOES, FULL SPEED AHEAD." Take off your shoes and cool your feet in the Gulf of Mexico. You can ride the Ferry across Mobile Bay to historic Fort Morgan. Visit the Dauphin Island Estuarium. Luncheon can be included.


You will find yourself fascinated with Bayou La Batre, a small fishing village, also known as the seafood capital of Alabama.
Bayou La Batre recently celebrated its 200th anniversary of the French Land Grant to Joseph Bosarge. The area's history goes back even further to the days of the Indians, Conquistadors, and Pirates. Settled by Joseph Bosarge in 1786, it was incorporated in 1955. You will see net knitting, seafood processing, ship building, and we will sample the delicious seafood taken right from the Gulf of Mexico. It has also gained fame as the hometown of the movie character Forrest Gump.


Imagine turning a comer on a quaint gaslit street and suddenly you're face to face with a ghostly character of yesteryear! This evening riding tour will introduce your guests to some of our City's most spirited residents.   Authentically costumed characters make Old Mobile's legends come to life. Dinner can be included. STARTS AT DUSK.


The contributions and struggles of the African American Community in Mobile have been invaluable in shaping the culture, architecture, cuisine, and history of the City.  As we tour historic Mobile your guide will point out the first land grant given to a black woman in the United States, the Saenger Theatre, which was built by a black contractor in the early 1900's, and as you drive through Africa Town, tell you the story of the Clotilde, the last slave ship to arrive in the United States. You will also tour Fort Conde and the National African American Archives.


Gaming along the Mississippi Gulf Coast - Come and roll with us!  Enjoy your favorite games of chance; Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, and the Slots. "There is no gamble going with Bay City Tours." We will get the best casino packages for your group. The casino packages include $5.00 in coins and your transportation. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is calling Bay City
Convention & Tours, Inc. is your gateway to the Mississippi Gulf Coast!


Board your Boat for a trip through the Mobile River delta, the seventh largest river delta in the United States. There are 27 endangered plants and animals living in the delta, for example the Kite Tailed Owl and the Red Bellied Turtle. You will see a variety of plant life, birds, alligators, wild turkeys, deer and, if we are lucky, five different species of owls.

The tour takes you deep into the river delta, the second largest in the nation. The Captain will give you a great overview of the area.  You will see all kinds of wild life and maybe even an alligator sunning it's self.
Georges Candy Store has been open since the early 1900's.  Watch as they make their famous pralines.  There is an assortment of candies that you can sample.  You may even want to bring some home with you.

Most of our historic tours can be customized to be fast paced, educational, and interesting for children 6 years old and up. We create theme parties and picnics, host sports events, and have "Classrooms on Wheels" with learning material provided. Programs are geared to the children's age and level of interest. Minimum numbers vary by tour.


Shop till you drop at the Tangier Factory outlet stores. Save 20% to 70% on famous brands and designer labels. With over 120 stores to choose from, it's the smartest shopping under the sun. Choose from nine delicious eateries at the Centre's Food Court. Wear your tennis shoes, bring your credit cards, and have fun!  There's plenty of luggage space to carry your purchases. You will be given a discount coupon booklet and a shopping bag.


The complete history of U.S. Naval Aviation unfolds around you. The Naval Aviation Museum displays a full scale panoramic time line of authentic aircraft and aviation memorabilia...the nation's finest collection of historic Naval, Marine, and Coast Guard aircraft and theme exhibits. From the earliest pioneers of Navy flight in their wood and fabric prototypes, through the World Wars and Asian conflicts, enter the modem era of hightech jet defense and space exploration. You can view the Blue Angels film in the IMAX Theater, and lunch is available at the Officers Club. We will return to Mobile along the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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