Tour Policies 

LWML makes no representations regarding the tours offered by Bay City Convention & Tours Inc. LWML disclaims all responsibility respecting tours, including without limitation to any responsibility for the cost, quality, and safety of such tours. 

Cancellation Policy: If any tour does not meet the minimum, it is the right of Bay City Convention & Tours Inc to make the decision to cancel the tour. Sometimes, if it is close, it may still be reasonable to continue as to not disappoint customers. However, it will be up to Bay City Convention & Tours to make any final decisions. 

Notification for tour cancellations due to not meeting minimum requirements, will be provided seven days prior to the start of said tour.  Regarding post-convention tours, participants will be notified thirty days prior to tour start if the tour does not meet minimum requirements.


Refund policy: Tours cancelled by guest prior to the deadline (7 days on day trips and 30 days on post-convention tours) may receive full refunds. Those cancellations received within the 7 and 30 day windows are not subject to a refund. 

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